The Unknown

I already looked pregnant from being so bloated from all my injections and medications. That evening I took my last injection and trigger shot and my husband and I took the time to pray together over the week ahead. The next day was Egg Retrieval Day!

The retrieval took about 45 mins. I had 19 eggs survive. We along with our doctors and nurses were very pleased! I was under some good anesthetic and ended up very loudly saying some things in the recovery room to Bryant that I will save myself the embarrassment from telling you about.

The next day we got the call from our embryologist that 10 had survived being made into embryos! Every other day we received a call with updates, and it made my heart so happy and thankful that there was even the ability to be able to do these types of procedures.

Progesterone shots in my lower back started and they were painful! The needle was so much bigger than the ones that went into my stomach. My husband came and learned how to administer them by my nurse, and put aside his fear of needles to help me. He was such a champ!!

Sometimes our fears will face us head on and make us surpass them to help others! Are you willing to take that step into the unknown?

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