It’s transfer day! Boy was I so naive walking in to this day. I took some pain reliever an hour before like instructed, and figured I would get the good stuff when I arrived. I should have for sure asked more questions leading up to it. I had read so many stories of people being awake, and some people being asleep. My doctor opted for awake which I found out in the moment I was about to go back in the OR.

I was a nervous wreck! Thankfully my husband got to be with me. Seeing him in scrubs, a mask, and a hair net was so hysterical. He was so incredible sitting right beside me keeping me calm, and holding my hand. I was able to see everything and know the exact moments that the embryos were transferred. We chose and got it approved to use 2 embryos for the transfer. The embryologist chose the 2 best quality ones for us. The procedure was pretty uncomfortable at the beginning for me (narrow pelvis probs), but the transfer itself I didn’t even feel.

I was taken to recovery and had to lay with my legs up for an hour. I was discharged to go home and be on bed rest for 48 hours.

Saturday August 20th, 2016 at 8:53 am was a day that would forever change mine and Bryant’s life.

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