Two pink lines

When I called Bryant he picked up the phone, and I yelled into it I’m pregnant!!! He calmly said really? That’s cool! I was expecting a completely different response. I said that’s it? Are you not excited? He said I’m in a work meeting right now. I’ll call you back. He was in a team meeting with all his coworkers, so he had to keep his cool. It was a pretty funny moment!

After hanging up with him I as calmly as possible called my Mom. I had told her that I was just going in that day for them to draw blood and check my levels. She asked how things went and I said they said all my levels are looking good, and that I’m pregnant! To say I shocked her was an understatement! I’m so glad I kept the day we were finding out a secret and that I got to surprise her after all. Telling our family, and friends was such a fun experience. They were the people that stood by us, prayed for us, and encouraged us through this whole process.

I went and bought multiple pregnancy tests and took them over the next few days. I wanted to know what it felt like to see those two pink lines, or the word pregnant across the test after seeing so many negatives over multiple years.

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