The Reveal

We were SO anxious to find out the gender. We had names for both picked out, and I had my secret Pinterest board full of nursery themes.

When I was 16 weeks we paid extra to go do a gender reveal ultrasound, because my doctor wasn’t planning on doing one until 20. That morning I was so excited. We drove to the place guessing the whole time. My guess was girl, and my husband’s was a boy.

We got settled and the ultrasound tech started looking around. Of course our little babe was being shy. I laid on my side, drank a coke etc. She tried for a good 15 mins before getting a few good pictures. The tech said well I don’t like to guess, but I’m 98% sure its a girl!! There is a tiny bit of cord in the way, but I’m pretty positive. Let’s come back in 2 weeks and check again.

I said I wouldn’t hold her to her word, but the next day my Mom and I were out shopping for girl clothes and hair bows! My mother in law bought bows, hats, and an adorable pink monogrammed blanket with her initials.

Two weeks later we went back to the same ultrasound tech for our appointment. That morning when I woke up I told Bryant I have a feeling it’s actually a boy! Within ten seconds of our ultrasound starting my feelings were confirmed! We were not having a little girl, but a sweet little boy! The tech apologized and insisted she was rarely wrong. We were thrilled either way for a healthy baby!

We left and called our parents to tell them the news. All parties said you’re lying!!! We sent the picture for proof! It was time to return some things, and go into boy planning mode!

We had the sweetest little gender reveal party thrown by my husband’s work. We already knew the gender, but it was so fun to reveal it to all of them!

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