The Birth

We had one false alarm 3 days prior to my scheduled induction. I went back in early the morning of May 8th and they broke my water (weird feeling). I was 2cm when started on pitocin which slowly started intensifying my contractions. I ended up having bad back labor, so after about 5 hours I opted to get an epidural. I was unaware that they could make you shake really bad.

I got stuck at a 6 for a very long time and ended up having to lay with a peanut ball between my legs for hours. Not very comfortable! Around 9pm I was fully dilated to a 10, but the baby had unfortunately disengaged. I tried pushing and he wouldn’t budge out of his cozy little spot on my right side that he always was balled up in.

She told me we would try again in a bit, and if nothing changed that I would have to have a C- section. I was super upset because I really didn’t expect to need one. We had even skipped over that part in our online birthing classes. Oh, the irony!

I started getting a low-grade fever, and the baby’s heartbeat would have little moments of dropping a little, so at this point, a C-section was our best and safest option. They got me prepped, and then had an emergency that had to be taken in the OR before me so I ended up having to sit and wait for an hour. That caused my nerves to really ramp up.

I had a great support system of my husband and Mom during my 16 hours of labor. The anesthesiologist got me all setup, and I was taken back to the OR. As soon as I laid on that operating table my nerves intensified even more. The medicine they gave me was causing me to shake extremely bad, so I was terrified that I would be moving too much and started to send myself into a panic attack. The anesthesiologist asked if I was ok. I shook my head yes, and burst into tears! He said are you scared? I shook my head yes even more. He yelled bring me another bag of juice, she’s freaking out, which I now find hilarious in hindsight!

My husband grabbed my hand, told me to look at him as everything started and he started speaking over me. You can do this. Your doctor does this all the time. You are going to be fine. Our baby is almost here. This is what we have been waiting for. You are strong. You are ok. Deep breaths! I love you! I believe in you. I’m proud of you! He kept this up until I heard that first cry! Have I mentioned how much I love my husband? He was an absolute rock through all of this. From fertility treatments to the birth of our son!

My doctor held the tiniest baby up over the curtain for me to see, and then they whisked him away and Daddy followed. Cue the waterworks! My baby was here! I’m a Mom! We are parents!

My husband got to hold him and bring him over to me for skin to skin. He helped hold him on me per my request because I was feeling very out of it after the extra juice!

Daddy and baby boy!

Mommy and baby! PS- all those women who look so great after having a baby how do you do it?!! I commend you!

Lincoln McCawley Lee was born on May 9th, 2017 at 12:08 am weighing in at 6lbs 5 ozs, and measuring 19 inches. After 1,896 days of praying for him, our precious gift from God was now in our arms!

We now officially have a one year old who is the light of our lives!! All the years of waiting, all the shots, pain, tears, and appointments faded away the moment we laid our eyes on him. We would do it all over again! Keep reaching for your dreams my friends! No matter what it is!

Newborn picture- Brandon Burton Photography

Shirt in one year pictures CeCe and Chlo

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