The Power of Prayer

At the age of 13 Kristin was told that they had found a tumor on her ovary, and by the age of 18 a second one had developed. After they had found her second tumor she was told that she would never be able to have children. By the age of 25 her body began early menopause. The doctor suggested a hysterectomy because her whole reproductive system was dying. Kristin knew that no matter what she had been told that she had a deep desire and dream to have a child. This is her story!

The doctor told me I had nine months to get pregnant, and needed to keep the pregnancy for three out of the nine months. I was on medications that helped my hormones, egg production, and fertilization. I got pregnant actually on the ninth month. My ovary that was only a fourth of one died at 10 months. I started hemorrhaging. I was told I had lost my pregnancy, but I actually didn’t know I was pregnant that time. They gave me medicine to clear it out. I took the meds, and God had bigger plans. Two weeks after I went back to check the status of everything. They told me it was a miracle, that I was pregnant and it had lowered down and developed. This was my Judahlee!!

Some people have made me feel like I did something wrong, I should’ve waited on the Lord, or I didn’t pray enough. God orchestrated everything. Usually people pay at least $5,000- $7,000 per donor. My donor and doctor felt my story, prayed about it, and charged me nothing!!

”When a dream is born, you will climb mountains to reach it! ”

Thank you so much Kristin for sharing your story! Your courage and bravery to endure an unfamiliar process to see your dream fulfilled is inspiring. I love to see the way the Lord orchestrated things for you! You are a wonderful Mama to your sweet miracle boy!! Judahlee has the sweetest smile, and such a sweet spirit. All who know him, are left smiling.

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  1. How incredible you conceived on that 9th month! And what a sweet act by the doctors! Judahlee was so meant to be. In God’s perfect time. Congratulations!

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