A huge thank you to everyone who contributed to the #yourstorymatters series. I truly enjoyed spending time getting to know you more and getting a glimpse into your fertility journeys.

The power of prayer told us about a journey using a sperm donor. She was courageous and brave. She knew God was leading her on an unfamiliar journey so she could see her dreams become a reality.

The testimony told us about a beautiful story of faith and fertility. As this story unfolded we saw mountains moved that not only lead this woman closer in a relationship with the Lord, but also lead her to conceive two miracle babies.

God’s perfect timing told us about a journey through embryo adoption. Many years of uncertainties and searching lead them to see how truly perfect God’s timing was for their lives.

Never say never told us about a woman who thought she never wanted to be married or have children, but she had a heart change. She realized after a loss that there was nothing that she wanted more. All the bad days, heartache, and tears became worth it when they were matched with their donor family.

Stepping into grace told us about a couple who have truly put the Lord at the center of their fertility journey. They spoke on the importance of support and keeping your marriage as a priority as you navigate the road of infertility.

Healing is in your hands told us about a growing family after a miscarriage. This showed us the real and raw feelings from conception, to secondary infertility, to mothering multiple children close in age.

If you read all of these stories one thing you will see they all have in common is an undeniable sense of perseverance. No matter what season of life we are traveling we can sometimes experience a waiting period. Whether it’s waiting for a child, a spouse, a promotion, or an answered prayer we must cling to the one who can give us peace and comfort in these places.

Keep taking steps forward.

The Lord knows your heart. He hears your cries, your prayers, and he sees your sacrifices.

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