Let’s be real with each other again for a bit and talk about comparison. Comparison is the act of looking at things to see how they are similar or different.

In this day and age this can be something so easy to take part in. We are continually seeing each other’s highlight reels on social media. We see the Mom whose baby sleeps perfectly, takes right to a new schedule, and always looks perfectly together. We see this from behind the screen with days of dry shampoo, a kid who has been up and down all night long we are begging to be on a schedule, and have bags under our eyes and those bags have bags. We see the happily engaged couple, or those wedding pictures from the recent happiest day of their life. We see this from behind the screen where we sit and wonder where our person is? When will I feel loved in a way like that? We see this when we have been praying for that same moment for many years. We see the woman in her maternity pictures perfectly polished, with a glowing smile. We see this from behind a screen where we sit and cry wondering when it will be our turn? We long for our arms to hold the thing that we have prayed for for so long.

We find ourselves comparing our realities to someone else’s perfect pictures. We don’t know the process it took them to get there. We don’t know if they have endured heartache, disappointment, or failed fertility treatments. We don’t know the years of prayer and anguish they have endured. We don’t see the army of prayer warriors that have stood behind them.

It’s all about our process. We can’t compare our journey to someone else’s journey. Ours is ours for a reason. Sometimes that reason may be hard to see. Sometimes that reason may cause pain. In the same way that reason can make us grow exponentially as a Christian, and a person. My journey made me dig my heels even farther into my relationship with the Lord and cling to him. I literally didn’t feel I could make it through without him. He was everything I needed in that time. I could open up the word and speak truth over myself with scripture. Turn on worship music and let his presence and the words wash over me.

Let’s try and compare a little less! The next time you find yourself comparing yourself to others find a truth about yourself. Find something you are doing good and give yourself some credit for it! We are our own worst critic. Did you know there is no one else that could walk your road better than you can? Your steps have been ordered.

What is one thing that you have done this week that you are proud of?

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