Expectation vs reality

I had a completely different blog written to share with y’all today, but I felt the need to share what’s on my heart. This topic is something I’ve talked a lot about with my husband and a few of my close friends.

Expectation vs reality

I’m going to take a little bit of a different approach to this. The past 2 months have been jam-packed for us. We’ve had full schedules with traveling, family events, and then have all been combatting sickness. I felt run down and spread pretty thin. I felt I was lacking in many areas.

My husband came home one day and could tell I was frustrated. I had run around like a chicken with my head cut off that day making sure all the laundry was done and put away, my kiddo was taken care of and played with, floors were clean, rooms were clean, all toys put away, dinner prepped, and the list goes on. I told him I just didn’t feel I could keep up with what was expected of me on a daily basis. He said, ”who expects you to do all of that sweetheart?” I easily replied well you do! Sweetly he said and when did I tell you I expected all of that? I thought about it and said well you didn’t. I had built all these things up in my mind of what I thought was expected of me when in reality the only person putting those expectations on me was myself! I didn’t ask my husband what he expected, I assumed. Let me tell you I way over assumed. Once we did have a conversation about it his expectations were much more attainable than mine.

I feel this is something we can also do in our relationship with the Lord. We assume all these heavy expectations when in all reality we are the ones over complicating things. What is he saying to you? What direction is he leading you?

I had this long list of practically unattainable things I thought I believed I needed to do every day to make myself the perfect wife and Mom. It was draining. Once I took a step back and saw the reality of the situation I had a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. Multiple days last week I let the laundry sit there, projects go undone, and I chose to rest. I spent a lot of more time in the word, read books more, worshipped more, and sat on the floor for hours playing with Lincoln and soaking in all the sleepy time snuggles. I don’t want to miss out on the important things because of self-chosen expectations. I just want to be the best I can be!

Let’s all take a look and see if there are areas we need to let up in a little. Let’s stop being so hard on ourselves, and take the time to enjoy life more!

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