New year, new changes

Happy New year friends!

I hope everyone had an incredible Christmas and New Year! We enjoyed lots of family time, meeting our nephew, and going to the Cotton Bowl cheering on our Tigers during the holiday season.

It’s a new year which means tons of us have been setting our goals and resolutions for the year. At the beginning of every year my husband and I sit down and have a conversation. We dream, we encourage each other, we map out what we want our year to look like. We talk about things we want to do better.

This year was different. Many years we set our goals and within a few months we have let them slip away. This year we decided to not set goals in some of the bigger areas, but instead chose areas of our lives that we needed a lifestyle change. This isn’t a goal for us, but something we will change with time and practice. There is a shift in some areas that need to happen. There are areas we need to focus more in. There are areas we need to dig our heels in deeper. There are areas we need to open our hearts up more. There are areas we need to listen. Not talk. Just sit and listen.

In October when I attended the Moms in the Making Conference it ignited such a fire in me to dive deeper in the word. It doesn’t need to be something I do to make my spiritual check mark for the day. It needs to be something where I’m learning, breathing in truth, and feeding my soul with the things that I need. That looks different for me than it does for my husband. Our prayer times look different and that fine! We are reading through the Bible together this year. We read the same things each day and it helps us to stay on the same page and have things to discuss. I love knowing that I have someone doing this with me!

I love reading books. I used to read so many books each year that I couldn’t even keep count, but I have let the business of life get in the way and stopped reading. It would take me forever to get through one book. I’m going to prioritize time to read more this year, and take the time to learn to love and enjoy that again.

Living in the South it is so easy to gain weight quickly. You know that fried chicken and sweet tea is a staple around here and when we moved here we indulged a bit too much. We are going to get back to our more healthyish eating lifestyle and being more active again. We want to be a good example to our little one with our eating and keeping an active lifestyle. He is an extremely active little boy so we want to be able to keep up with him all through these fun years ahead.

Prioritizing date nights and alone time is so important! Many times by the end of the night when I get to bed I have no energy for anything. I don’t want to talk or be touched. I just want sleep! It is so important that I am still taking the time to fill my husband’s love tank by spending time with him and showing love to him through his love language. If you don’t know your spouse’s love language I encourage you both to find out what yours are, and show each other love in that area.

Continuing to be present and not let the business or meaningless things make me miss out on special moments. I’ll never get these years back again, and I want to make sure I’m soaking in every moment I can.

I ask you today friends what do you need to prioritize in your life more? What area of your life do you need to set a goal or make a lifestyle change?

I would love for some of you to share your goals or priorities for this year with me!

Looking forward to kicking off my new blog series next week- The Best Years of our Lives

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