Understanding who he is in us, is understanding who we are in him

We are back for another week in the best years of our lives! This week one of my dearest friends Heather is going to be sharing not only her blog but a beautiful song she has written. I have known her since I was a baby. Our Moms are best friends so we pretty much became friends from the very beginning! I’m so thankful to have this life long friend. It’s been so amazing getting to journey together through so many areas of our lives.

What an incredible challenge!! To pinpoint one moment in my timeline that impacted my life forever seemed like an unapproachable endeavor! Even though I am only 34 I have seen many irreplaceable joys and felt the sting of extreme physical and emotional pain. I am a daughter, sister, wife, mother, homeschool teacher, and domestic manager. Many of the roles I fill impact me the same today as they did the first, they have forever changed my life. The most precious one to me is one that my creator gave to me. 

Since I can remember I have attended a church or congregation of some sort or another following what my parents were following. Growing and maturing, I continued in the journey tweaking things as I learned new concepts and ideas. Then, as a married woman, I learned my spiritual journey no longer only affected me. Every decision that was made was for our family. Everything I believed, taught, exampled, and disagreed with was being shared with five other individuals at all times. Where I went and what I believed was very important. My husband and I, amazingly, have been in step the entire process of learning and growing. 

As a military family, we have seen and experienced many congregations, denominations, dogmas, and theologies. 

I will have to say out of all my experiences, my most impactful moment was the moment the creator revealed to me his desire for me as his child. His desire for connection. His desire for my existence.  

I have heard a lot of opinions claiming denominations and religious organizations are harmful and old fashioned but I believe they have a very important place and purpose in the spiritual journeys of many. My view sees many people have different personalities with unique sets of wants and needs.  Groups of people, denominations, have been formed to facilitate those specific needs for each family. 

I said all of that to say, my most impactful moment in life is the realization of what freedom in Messiah means. It means whether I identify as a specific denomination or not that does not define my identity in Him. Whether I agree with the most popular presentation of theological dogma or not, that does not have any effect on my salvation or the mercy he gives me every morning. Where I congregate, how I praise or pray does not change anything he has already set in place. 

I am who I am because of Him, I will grow and change as I learn and am led by His Spirit to know what truth is. He is my substance and the reason for my existence before and after our paths aligned. 

So, no matter where life takes you, no matter what moments of joy you experience or what challenges you face, remember He is the reason for everything in this life and the life to come. The Almighty created us by his wisdom to walk with him as the love of His life. 


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