Do it again Lord

What an amazing series this has been! Thank you to all of my friends that participated in telling us about the best years of their lives! We may still have a few more coming in, but for it’s my turn to share. Of course I couldn’t round out this series without sharing my own story. I know you’ve already heard a lot about it, and could probably guess what my best year is, but I’m going to tell you anyways!

I have had some extremely low moments and hard times, but the one thing that has always remained is the faithfulness of God! Even though we feel he may not hear us, or feel him near sometimes he is ALWAYS with us. He never leaves us. When we feel he may not hear us we need to ask ourselves- do we hear him? Are we taking the time to listen? Are we taking the time to bask in his presence and trust in him? If you aren’t doing that I would encourage you to do so.

I learned all of these things leading up to the best year of my life. I still don’t have it all together, but God has taught me some of the most beautiful life lessons out of some of the lowest and hardest times in my life. He met me in my season of waiting.

2017 is the year that I mark as the best year of my life. It’s the year that I felt like a piece of me that was missing was put into my arms for the very first time. As many of you know I became a Mama in 2017. It has been a beautiful, fun, and messy journey.

2017 made us a family of three. 2017 we saw our greatest desire and prayer answered. Not only has it changed me and made me stronger, but it has made my husband into someone I knew was inside, but have been able to see blossom before my eyes, He is an absolutely incredible Daddy to our little guy.

2017 pulled on me emotionally, physically, and spiritually. it stretched me and molded me into someone I never knew I had the strength to become.

2017 gave me my favorite title- Mama. All of the years of longing, and waiting came to an end. Now i sit and dream of the years to come. Now I sit and pray over a little human that I get the privilege of raising up while he’s here on Earth.

Now I continue to pray do it again Lord! Do it again!

People have asked me why do you say this so much? My answer is simply i want to see the Lord do it again. I want to see all of my sisters believing for a baby to hold that baby in their arms. I want all of my sisters believing to be picked for an adoption to get the news they have been chosen. I want all of my friends waiting on their spouse to find that person to spend their life with. I want all of my friends believing for financial breakthrough to experience it. I could keep going on and on.

Do it again Lord!

Friends, continue to stand in the gap and pray for those people waiting for their breakthrough. Let’s pray and war for not only our miracles, but even more others miracles.

Do it again Lord.

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