Established in Love

I returned home on Sunday from the third annual Moms in the Making conference and let me just tell you- YOU HAVE TO BE THERE NEXT YEAR! If you are walking through or have walked through infertility, delayed or secondary infertility, adoption, or any form this is a must attend event. They beautifully orchestrate sessions, breakthrough prayers, prayer over you, prophetic words, and so much more which means there is no way you can leave the same as you walked into the door. My heart, mindset, and so much more is completely transformed. The Lord moved in amazing and huge ways. I’m so happy to see so many of my sisters and friends walking in healing, freedom, feeling refreshed, and full of hope.

There are so many moments I could talk about, but one of the most significant for me happened in a breakthrough session called Intimacy with the Father taught by Jessica Satterfield @gracewhilewewait. At the end she encouraged us to sit, pray, and listen until the Father gave us a word, picture, or a verse. I sat and prayed for open ears, eyes, mind, and heart and I saw the clearest vision. It was of me standing in a beautiful sunflower field. I had on a long flowing white dress and I could see it blowing in the wind. My hands were raised and my eyes were fixed on heaven. The sun was shining so bright down on me, and from behind me. I had the biggest smile on my face and I could see someone free of pain and living and walking in perfect peace. That’s exactly who I am and who I want to be. The old was falling off and the new was pouring on.

I have been dealing with bad migraines on and off almost daily since July. I was sitting in that class with a bad migraine. I saw the girl in my vision and I said Lord I want to be her. He spoke back to me sweet daughter you already are her. You just have to step into what she has. I said I want to be her. That’s who I am and in that exact instant my migraine broke and I haven’t had one again since. This is the longest consecutively I have gone without having one since July. I am choosing to cling to that vision of that girl that I already am. I am choosing to cling to the feeling of complete peace and no pain. Choosing to cling to being migraine free.

I love diving more into meanings of dreams and visions. One of my favorite resources for that is the Divinity Code by Adam F Thompson and Adrian Beale. I had to look up the meaning of a sunflower in a vision or dream. Sunflowers mean disciples- they follow the sun (Son) has are full of seeds (word). The sunflower puts itself in position to directly receive the sun’s gaze. It symbolizes faith and adoration for ALL that is, because of this the sunflower is often regarded as a very spiritual flower. They are therefore a symbol of true faith and loyalty to something that is much bigger and brighter than themselves.

You may still be in the midst of walking through pain like I was whether that is physically, emotionally, or spiritually.

Keep walking.

Keep moving.

Keep pressing through.

Keep praying.

Keep believing.

Your miracle could happen in an instant. With the blink of an eye it could be here. With words spoken from him over you it could be here.

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  1. I am in love with the vision you received and your testimony of healing, as well as your final message 😍 Moms in the Making is such a special ministry. Even my husband commented on how personal the conference was compared to the Men’s conference he had attended.


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