1% chance to 100% miracle

I remember when we were battling infertility we got the call that we had a 1% chance of conceiving. I was devastated. My Mom told me God is not a God of 1%, but a God of 100%. Talk about a mind shift. Instead of looking to the statistics listed and spoken over me I clung knowing that my God was a God of 100%! Guess what so is your God!

I’ll never forget the day we went to an IVF information class. The day of the class I was so nervous still not knowing how we would find or raise the money to pay for the procedure. We decided to step out in faith and attend the class. My husband called me and told me to meet him in the parking lot bc he had to talk to me before we went into class. I was so scared that he thought we should change our mind. I told him I wasn’t in the mood for surprises because my nerves were shot, but he insisted I meet up with him. He walked up to me and put a check in my hand. I still get tears in my eyes every time I think of that moment. We had received our miracle! We walked into our IVF class that day with every penny of our procedure paid for.

These lyrics by Travis Greene that I sang over and over again as a prayer and declaration had now become a reality

You move mountains

You cause walls to fall

With your power

Perform miracles

There is nothing that’s impossible

And I’m standing here only because you made a way

In that moment I knew I was standing where I was only because God had made a way. I urge you to never give up on what it is you are praying for no matter how big or small. Your miracle may not come in the form that you had thought, but it will come in the exact form that it’s meant to. Today I’m celebrating all of you amazing and strong #fertilitywarriors 💪🏻. Believing for your miracle, and believing that he will do it again! ♥️ #honoryourstory. Keep dreaming my friends!! #niaw


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