I am not left behind

During prayer this past weekend I sat down and started writing and these were the words that came. I’m sharing this today because I felt like I should. I think at least one of you needs to hear this. Some of this I needed to hear as well.

Lord you see me. Even when I feel unseen. Even when I feel left behind. You see me. You hear me. You are right with me. Though sometimes I feel alone or forgotten. Though sometimes I feel like I may have been skipped over or have been left out where I want to belong. I belong to you.

I know you have a purpose and a plan for me. I know you have all that I need. Where I lack you have plenty for me.

The places that feel dry and empty can be watered and filled up by you. Though sometimes my feet may feel unsteady I know they are placed firmly upon the rock.

You are my comfort.

You are my strength.

You are my compass.

Lead me where you want me. I don’t want to wander any longer. I don’t want to feel left behind. My eyes are fixed on you and you alone. You are all that I need.

I trust your timing. I trust your plan. I trust you.

I am not left behind.

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