I had a choice

Once again sometimes my own blogs continue to speak to right where I’m at in the moment. In my last blog I wrote on expectation versus reality. Over the last few weeks, especially the week of Thanksgiving I have lived that out. It's 545am on Thanksgiving morning and I'm sitting here in L’s nursery rocking... Continue Reading →

Expectation vs reality

I had a completely different blog written to share with y’all today, but I felt the need to share what's on my heart. This topic is something I've talked a lot about with my husband and a few of my close friends. Expectation vs reality I'm going to take a little bit of a different... Continue Reading →

Fully free

I went through my fertility journey so many years ago that I didn’t even feel like others around me were going through what we went through at that time. We did the best that We could and felt I had moved on from it. On the last night of the conference they had individual prayer... Continue Reading →


I don’t even know where to begin as I reflect back on the Moms in the Making Conference. I am still constantly going back through my notes, processing, and soaking it all in. I had reservations about going, but deep down I knew I was supposed to. I went in with my expectations set really... Continue Reading →

The Invisible Bridge

I am not a huge movie buff. When I started dating my husband, long ago in our teenage years, he was really into movies.  Being giddy in love (like only a sixteen-year old can be) and wanting to sit beside him for hours and hours, we ended up watching lots of movies together for our dates.  There were many iconic films... Continue Reading →


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