Guest Post by: Chris and Katie Drew Our fertility journey began in 2013. Chris and I were newly-weds and decided to start trying to expand our family five months after we were married. At first we had no idea that we would have trouble conceiving and thought that because we were so young it would... Continue Reading →

Never say never!

Thank you to Kristen Everson for today's guest post in our #yourstorymatters series. I was always the "I'm never getting married" and the "I'm never having kids" girl. In your early 20s you think you know it all, or at least I sure thought I did. In 2012 I met the guy that changed my... Continue Reading →

God’s perfect timing

Hi there! We are some of the lucky ones, who got pregnant soon after we married and had a gorgeous son, Zac, now 6. We now know just how blessed and lucky we are and my heart breaks for those of you still trying for a miracle baby. Surely it would be easy for us... Continue Reading →

The Testimony

I wasn’t always a Christian. My parents only ever took my siblings and me to church on Easter Sunday, if that. The closest I got to Christianity before age 26 were the Ten Commandments hung in my childhood bedroom and an unexplainable attraction to Christian music as a teenager. That was before my infertility journey,... Continue Reading →

The Power of Prayer

At the age of 13 Kristin was told that they had found a tumor on her ovary, and by the age of 18 a second one had developed. After they had found her second tumor she was told that she would never be able to have children. By the age of 25 her body began... Continue Reading →

The Lesson

It’s so crazy to think my little guy has been one for a few weeks now. The statement it goes by fast that everyone says to you when you first have a baby is so true! Those first few weeks recovering from a C section with lots of restrictions, and the long sleepless nights made... Continue Reading →

The Birth

We had one false alarm 3 days prior to my scheduled induction. I went back in early the morning of May 8th and they broke my water (weird feeling). I was 2cm when started on pitocin which slowly started intensifying my contractions. I ended up having bad back labor, so after about 5 hours I... Continue Reading →

The Celebration

This day was a day that I had been anticipating for years. After years and years of hosting, and planning baby showers it was finally my turn! In my blog internal battle I talked about a bad experience I had at a blow dry shop. I chose to go back to that same place and... Continue Reading →

The Reveal

We were SO anxious to find out the gender. We had names for both picked out, and I had my secret Pinterest board full of nursery themes. When I was 16 weeks we paid extra to go do a gender reveal ultrasound, because my doctor wasn't planning on doing one until 20. That morning I... Continue Reading →

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