This is what it feels like

Being pregnant was still very surreal for me. Walking into my fertility doctor’s office for my first appointment since my positive test was exciting and nerve-wracking. I needed to see an ultrasound for things to really sink in. Our first ultrasound went great! Everything looked healthy, and we were told my approximate due date was May 10th. They only saw one baby which was a bit surprising to us since we implanted 2 embryos, but I was happy to see a healthy tiny little baby!! We would continue injections until I was 10 weeks along, and then I would be released to my normal doctor.

I figured since I had such a hard time getting pregnant that my pregnancy should be a breeze. I was wrong! The morning sickness started at 6 weeks, and it came with a vengeance. It was still so worth it knowing I was growing this tiny baby inside of me that I had been praying for for so long.

I went to my fertility doctor every week until I hit the 10-week mark. My last appt with my doctor was exciting and sad! I was excited because I was being released, but sad because they had been there with me for so long through such a crazy journey. I exchanged hugs and many thanks that day with my doctor and my nurse there Beverly and then walked across the hall to the clinic to do the same with my fertility clinic nurses. To me, these people have one of the most important jobs! They answer their phones at any time to answer your questions throughout the process. They help people through extremely difficult circumstances and stand with them until their dreams become a reality. I am forever grateful for them!

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