Moms in the Making

The MITM conference is held in October in Dallas, Texas for women walking through their season of waiting, infertility, miscarriage, infant loss, foster care, and adoption. It is a life changing weekend filled with so much hope, truth, and lots of time with Jesus! We have multiple fundraisers going on right now to help women... Continue Reading →

Are you a fixer or a listener?

Hi friends! Happy New Year (almost a month late)! I hope everyone had an incredible Christmas and New Year. Things of course looked different this year, but we were able to spend time with some of our family and create new traditions. Our favorite things were driving around looking at Christmas lights and our almost... Continue Reading →

While in Waiting

We are coming up on the end of the year soon. Everyone will start writing down and formulating goals and their finances for the year. For me I do this twice a year. Once before the new year, and once on my birthday. Tomorrow I turn 36. THIRTY SIX! How is this even possible? 35... Continue Reading →

Anything is possible!

Y’all for some reason this year I was more nervous to go to the conference than any other year. Well actually I guess one of the main reasons was covid. I prayed hard about if I was supposed to go and I knew I was. I felt as close to peaceful as possible with these... Continue Reading →


Does anyone else ever have a hard time just sitting and being still? Being quiet? Even in a sense of letting your mind be quiet. No thoughts, no checking off your to do lists, just being still and quiet. This song by Elevation Worship has been on repeat in my spirit. I’ve needed it this... Continue Reading →

Childlike Faith

Why am I posting a picture of a random small beginning of a bush growing? I have a story I want to tell you. I’ve decided I might be a bit of a plant lady. We got the most beautiful hanging baskets full of gorgeous flowers and some to plant in our planter boxes on... Continue Reading →

Happy Transfer Day

Today is such a special day. Every year it takes me back to laying in the OR and not knowing what would come of my embryo transfer. I remember being terrified yet hopeful. Four years ago while holding my husband’s hand we had 2 beautiful embryos transferred. Laying there I prayed and stared hard at... Continue Reading →

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