Childlike Faith

Why am I posting a picture of a random small beginning of a bush growing? I have a story I want to tell you. I’ve decided I might be a bit of a plant lady. We got the most beautiful hanging baskets full of gorgeous flowers and some to plant in our planter boxes on the porch. The hanging basket flowers were hung on a Shepard’s hook we moved from our back to front yard and it is one of my favorite focal points in my yard now.

Right beside this spot was literally nothing. When you look at my front porch the left side is lined with beautiful lush bushes the whole way and the right side literally has nothing but maybe a few dead looking sticks. Lincoln decided he wanted to start helping me water the flowers. He always went to the spot next to the Shepard’s hook and would pour water into the ground. I remember telling him multiple times to water the flowers instead of pouring out water on nothing. He said “ Mama this is my special spot and I love to water it. I know something will grow.” I decided to go along with it and he diligently took the watering pitcher over there and kept watering it. He even asked me to help him water his special spot a few times and I obliged him, but thought our efforts were for nothing.

I’ll never forget one day we went outside and he said Mommy look at my special spot. Sure enough there were little green blooms starting to sprout up. He kept watering them everyday and now there are 2 spots growing bushes now. We moved to this house almost 2 1/2 years ago and there has never been anything there. I even went as far as to pull up old Zillow pictures to see if there were ever bushes there and there weren’t.

Childlike faith. He put in the work, was diligent, and knew it would grow. He never doubted it for one minute. Even when I had my doubts he never wavered. We even took the time to pray it would grow a few times.

This was a teachable moment for me. If God cares about something this little that was a big deal to my little guy imagine how much he cares for you.

How much he cares for your circumstances.

How much he cares about the things that seem little in the grand scheme of things but they are important to you.

How much he cares about the prayers you are praying.

He hears you. He sees you. He knows the desires of your heart.

What is something that you think is little in the grand scheme of things, but in all actuality it is a big deal to you?

Borrow some of my little Linc’s faith if you need to. I know he has inspired me to look a little harder at things and not automatically have doubt.

Keep watering friends!

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