Happy Transfer Day

Today is such a special day. Every year it takes me back to laying in the OR and not knowing what would come of my embryo transfer. I remember being terrified yet hopeful. Four years ago while holding my husband’s hand we had 2 beautiful embryos transferred. Laying there I prayed and stared hard at the clock watching what the exact time was. 8:53am central time every year on August 20th is a day we celebrate. It’s the day our prayers, hopes, dreams, and future as parents began.

Now on this day I’m sitting here staring at my handsome little 3 year old baby boy. Watching him run, play, and carry on full conversations with me. I tell him all the time you are an answered prayer. Mommy and Daddy prayed so much for you. He smiles big when I say it to him and says “I’m your best boy Mama.” That’s right buddy. You sure are. My best little miracle boy.

The wait wasn’t easy, but I learned so much through it. I had a choice whether to lean in or lean away and I leaned in as much as I could. There were days I needed the Lord to help hold up my hands or the weight of things, but he always did. He never left my side through it all.

Here’s a link to my previous blog that I wrote about that day.


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