Anything is possible!

Y’all for some reason this year I was more nervous to go to the conference than any other year. Well actually I guess one of the main reasons was covid. I prayed hard about if I was supposed to go and I knew I was. I felt as close to peaceful as possible with these unprecedented times and trusted the Lord that he would protect me.

The night before I left for the conference one of my dearest friends Katie text me this:

You are needed, you are loved and you are capable!

Praying for peace and calm for you tomorrow, no matter what’s going on on the outside, it won’t get in on the inside. I just see a force field around you that is going to absorb every dart that the enemy would try to throw at you. When you see it come, see it extinguished. ☄️💦

Praying for open and honest conversations with your group of ladies! That God would use them for deep transformation, for healing and to display His unconditional love.

Greater is he that is in you than he that’s in the world. Mountains will be moved, because of your seed of faith!

Get it girl! Love you and so proud of you, covering you with prayer. ❤️🙌🙏

Find these kind of friends! This came right at the moment I needed it. I could feel fear trying to creep in and this is the exact kind of encouragement I needed!

Wednesday morning I woke up bright and early at 4:30am to head to the airport to meet Whitney. We had a nonstop flight into Dallas which was perfect. We went to meet up with some of the girls from virtual group in the car rental area and my car rental company was no where to be found. I asked the security guard and he had never heard of the place. I called and found out it wasn’t on the airport property like it had listed online so the other girls graciously drove us to pick up the swagger wagon or as one of my girls called it the mystery machine! Ha!

We passed the place a few times before we found it because it was sitting behind a roll away gate with no visible sign. I picked up my mini van from this shady little hidden gem and away we went. I was late picking up all the girls from the airport because the process took so long so they took an uber to the hotel to meet me. I couldn’t stop laughing at all the things that were going wrong after being frustrated momentarily, but it became comical. I got to the hotel and went to get my luggage out of the back and saw that the tags were expired on the van. What in the world?! Needless to say this van is no longer on the rental lot. There’s much more to this story, but I’ll save it for another day.

We all met up and headed to the mall to eat and shop. It was so much fun getting to spend time getting to know all the girls that I had been leading in virtual group over the past year and spending time together in person! It’s fun to see what you imagined they look like versus what they look like in person because you only ever see them on zoom! We also ate my favorite BBQ restaurant for dinner that night. Sorry South Carolina, Texas barbecue is the real winner in my book!

Thursday we went to the church to help set up for the conference. I will never get over how beautifully detailed and personal the Moms in the Making conference is every year. We went back to the hotel after a full day so the girls could get ready for dinner and I could get ready for the leader hangout. I had the best time getting to see all the leaders and spend time together before the conference kicked off. They always treat us so well and plan the best hangout events for us! I miss everyone so much already!

Thursday night we had a get to know you type dinner for everyone in town, and then my virtual group girls and the Kissimmee girls grabbed some late night In N Out. Another fave of mine!

By Thursday night I was missing home and my boys. Going from being stuck at home for months together and not being out a lot to now being out and around lots of people was a huge shift for me. Also nothing will make you feel more Mom guilt than your almost 3.5 year old looking straight at you and sadly saying why did you leave me? Cue the gut punch I felt.

I had a hard time sorting through my feelings and sleeping which is never a good mix. By the time I got to the conference Friday afternoon I could feel the enemy trying to get to me all morning with the same thing. The thing I realized is if he is trying to get to me this hard after something so minimal that is being magnified then this means he’s wanting to keep me distracted so I’m not in the correct posture to receive anything. This amped me up even more.

For weeks leading up to the conference I felt this sense of expectancy and urgency. I just knew something huge was in store for me. I still had all the thoughts of

“Where do I fit now, my family is complete?” “Is this conference still for me?” “Should I have left my miracle at home?”

I know there were many Mamas there feeling these same thoughts, but the answer is yes it’s still for you and I do still fit. No matter where you are in your journey with fertility you still fit and can still receive something. We have a choice whether we let ourselves sit in Mom guilt, or we know and recognize we need to let ourselves be poured into to make us a better wife and Mama.

A lot of people were first timers at the conference and I had someone ask me what my advice would be going into it. I said open ears, open mind, and open heart. I wasn’t only speaking to them in that moment, but also myself.

I hadn’t been in corporate worship since the beginning of March so as soon as worship started I was locked in and all the weight just fell off. My focus shifted to one thing and one place and that moment changed the trajectory of the rest of my trip! The first song we sang is Anything is Possible by Bethel Music. Here are most of the lyrics:

There is no shadow

That has ever overcome Your light

And there is no rival

That could ever stand against Your might

You’ve always been with us

Every battle You’ve already won

Oh, we’ve already won

There is no weapon

That has ever left a mark on You

And there is no army

With the power to conquer truth

You’ve always been with us

Every battle You’ve already won

We’ve already won

Show me one thing He can’t do

Show me a mountain He can’t move

He’s the God of the breakthrough

And anything is possible

Show me one thing that’s too hard

Show me waters He can’t part

He’s the God of the breakthrough

And anything is possible

Is possible, hey

There is a kingdom

That’s advancing at the speed of light

And in His kingdom

Every dead thing is bound to rise

Oh, God our Redeemer

He is faithful to revive

Oh, He will revive

Show me one thing He can’t do

Show me a mountain He can’t move

He’s the God of the breakthrough

And anything is possible (Do you believe it?)

Show me one thing that’s too hard

Show me waters He can’t part

He’s the God of the breakthrough

And anything is possible, hey, hey

Now, all of my fear I will turn into praise

Shake off despair as I sing out Your name

A victory dance, I will dance out in faith

I will crush disappointment and break every chain

There is nothing more powerful than being in a room filled with women desiring a baby, but their focus is turned elsewhere. It’s turned to Jesus. The miracle maker. The promise keeper.

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