My 5 loaves and 2 fish moment

This week I was sitting outside listening to the Elevation Church podcast- Did I ask? He was talking on the story of the five loaves and 2 fish when I paused it for a minute to listen to my three year old tell a story. I kept it paused as I was sitting in my driveway in my camping chair staring up at the beautiful sky and clouds for a minute. Breathing in the beautiful fall air and listening to the birds chirp.

Does anyone else ever like to just stare up into the sky and imagine what’s happening beyond the clouds? Sometimes those moments are the times when the Lord brings something back to my memory. A moment in time I need to remember right then. A moment in time that reminds me of the miracles I have witnessed in my life time.

In October of 2010 I had the amazing opportunity to go on a missions trip to South Africa with my church. Three things I always wanted to do were go on a missions trip, volunteer at an orphanage, and go to Africa. There were many things that came up along the way that could have prevented me from going, but I dug my heels in deep and kept pushing through to raise the money to go. My last bit of money came in a few days before we left for the trip. I’m so thankful for everyone who believed in my dream and contributed. All three of the things I dreamed of doing came to fruition on this trip.

We had brought over multiple suitcases full of barbies and different things to hand out to the children. We had music time and got to help out in each class. All the children loved my red hair and kept asking me to touch it and braid it and I gladly obliged. I fell in love with a little girl over there who never left my side the whole time we were there. She was precious!

That day when we were handing out barbies I went back to the room with Pastor Kathy to get more barbies for the kids. We needed more for the next class. We opened every suitcase and pocket and they were all gone. We had ran out. I remember looking at her and asking “What do we do?” She said “We are going to close all these suitcases and pray for God to bring us more Barbies.” I looked at her like Um ok. She said we have to believe. Let’s tie our faith together and believe for these children. She asked if I believed he could do it and I said I did! I know he can! We closed every suitcase and went around the room praying over every single one believing the Lord would provide for these children.

We went back and opened all the suitcases one by one. When we got back to the last one we opened it and there were the Barbies we had prayed for. At first I was like wait had we checked this one before, but we both knew we had. We both knew minutes earlier that every single suitcase was empty. We believed the Lord would provide and multiply what we brought and he did just that.

I know, I know some of you might be thinking y’all just forgot to look in that one, but I know without a shadow of a doubt we had looked and it was empty. We triple checked every one and the Lord performed a miracle right before our eyes.

Have you ever witnessed a miracle before? I would love to hear about it.

I know I say this all the time friends, but the Lord is still in the miracle working business!

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