Never say never!

Thank you to Kristen Everson for today’s guest post in our #yourstorymatters series.

I was always the “I’m never getting married” and the “I’m never having kids” girl. In your early 20s you think you know it all, or at least I sure thought I did. In 2012 I met the guy that changed my heart. We got married in 2014, and life as a married couple was great. In June of 2015 our lives changed. My period was late. So I took a test…and then I took 16 more lol… They were all positive. I couldn’t believe it, I was pregnant, and for the first time ever, once the shock wore off lol, I wanted nothing more than to be a mom. I bought these cute little onesies the day I found out I was pregnant to suprize my husband Justin with the news. Sadly we were only able to experience 6 weeks of pregnancy until our little one was called to Heaven. Over the next year, we got pregnant 2 more times, and lost both babies very early in the pregnancy as well. After so many losses we knew our next step was to meet with an infertility specialist. Through testing we found out that Justin and I both had undiagnosed genetic abnormalities and our only chance to have a healthy baby was to go through IVF with genetic testing. After 3 rounds of IVF, hundreds of injections, blood draws, doctors visits and 3 egg retrieval surgeries later, we got a phone call from our doctor that we never expected…. All our embryos were abnormal and it was time to stop IVF.

In the beginning of our IVF journey in 2016, I remember learning about embryo adoption. When a couple has a successful IVF cycle, and has finished building their family, they have the option to donate their remaining embryos. Knowing that if this process didn’t work, if we needed to turn to adoption, this could be an option for us. Knowing that I could still carry, and we could still experience pregnancy meant the world to Justin and I. I really think learning about this early on was God’s way of preparing us for what was to come. After finding out that IVF was no longer an option, we began to look into adopting embryos, and decided to go on a few wait lists.

Almost 2 months went by and on September 28th, 2017 we were matched!! Then only a few short months later on January 23rd our sweet little boy was transfered, and once again I was officially pregnant! At that moment all the bad days, all the tears and the heart break suddenly became worth it. FINALLY, in October 2018, almost 3 1/2 years later we will be able to fill those cute little onesies 💙.

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