The Wait

The day after the transfer we got a call from our embryologist for an update on the embryos left in the lab. It wasn’t good news. She was so sweet, and delivered the news with condolences and sweet encouraging words. None of our embryos were far enough along to where they were moving along well enough to be a freezable grade so they had to be discarded. I was devastated! This meant if this transfer didn’t work that we would have to start all the way back over from square one and go through the whole process over again.

After my days of bed rest I wanted to get out of the house some so I went on a walk around the neighborhood. When I got back I noticed I had some bleeding and was so worried that my biggest fear was happening. After a call to my doctor, my Mom, and a sweet encouraging friend I climbed back into bed and tried to keep my mind at rest. They said try and keep your stress level to a minimum which I almost found laughable considering the circumstances.

I had to wait 9 days to go to the doctor and have my blood drawn to see if the procedure had worked. We agreed after the procedure that we would tell our family and friends that knew that it would be a 2 week wait to give ourselves time to process whatever happened, and hopefully be able to surprise them with an announcement. Those were the longest 9 days ever!!!

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