Finding rest

Let’s be real with each other for a bit. In the world we live in today people flow more effortlessly with the constant hustle and bustle than they do with the concept of rest. Whether that be physically, mentally, or spiritually. We feel a constant need to be going and then in turn complain about being tired. Trust me, I’m speaking to myself with this too.

There are always things that need to be done. We’ll complete one task only to find a long laundry list of things to follow shortly behind it. We constantly battle between making sure our responsibilities are taken care of and finding rest from the daily task. Have you ever thought “Maybe I should have resting as a priority rather than something I hope to do?”

This subject has been coming up in a lot of different things I have been reading. In a recent devotion I was reading called “Finding rest in a busy world” (how appropriate) by Susan Narjala. Here’s a few things that stuck out to me:

“Usually, the first thing to nix from the agenda when we’re short on time is prayer.

It’s the easiest thing to hit the “Esc” tab on. Usually, the repercussions aren’t immediately evident. Slowly time without Jesus leaves us drained. It starts chipping away at our souls. We need to spend enough time to be filled with the Living Water before we can pour out.”

“It’s only when we fix our eyes upon Jesus that we can value ourselves the way He values us.

Only then can we rest and not strive. Only then can all our work be as worship unto Him. Whether we work out of swanky corporate offices or if we are scrubbing poop stains off a baby’s onesie, all our work can be worship when our worth is rooted in Jesus.”

“We’re a culture that glorifies busy. Our over packed, overwhelmed schedules actually give us a sense of pride, even a sense of identity.”

Are we finding our worth in Jesus, or finding it in the busyness of life. If all those things were stripped away would you still know who you are?

“God honors us when we honor Him with our time. If you and I are too busy for prayer, then we are simply too busy. If we are too busy to read the Bible, then we are simply too busy.

Maybe you and I should reorder our priorities so we make time for the things that are important and not merely what’s urgent.”

Find time to not only connect with the Father, but also time to listen. What is he saying to you? Recently I have had a few friends that have asked me what is the Lord working on in your heart? What has he been speaking to you? If I’m not taking the time to pray and listen I may not know the answer to those questions.

Find time for yourself, for self care. Find time to hit that reset button and do something that rejuvenates and recharges you. This takes prioritizing. This is something that is hard for me at times. As a Mom I’m on 24/7, and that’s just one of the hats I wear. I have had to learn to make this a priority for myself, and to not feel guilty about it. As much as I’m taking care of others, I have to make sure I’m being taken care of as well.

So today I ask you friends- what is the Lord speaking to you?

What recharges you?

What are you doing to take care of yourself?

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